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Harris Hydro Quad Nozzle PM Pelton Turbine
ABS Part No.: HP04

Made in the USA!

The Harris Hydroelectric P.M. Pelton micro-hydro turbine is designed for high head (20 to 600 feet), low flow (4 to 250 gpm) sites. Dual-nozzle Pelton systems are recommended for sites with ~61-250 gpm flow rates (depending on flow and dynamic head pressure).

In a Pelton system, water is collected upstream from the turbine and channeled in a pipe down to the turbine location. At the turbine, the water passes through a nozzle, where it accelerates, strikes the turbine runner, and turns the alternator. These turbines can need little water flow to run efficiently and produce significant power output; with sufficient dynamic head.

Typically, the turbine generates DC electricity -- 12volt, 24volt or 48volt -- which is then stored in a battery bank for future use. An inverter can also be incorporated into the system to convert the DC electricity to standard household AC electricity

Harris Hydro Generators come standard with a Permanent Magnet (P.M.) style alternator. The Permanent Magnet (PM) alternator produces significantly more power than brush style alternators in marginal sites. P.M. alternator has some end user adjustablility to optimize output.

The 12 volt model can produce up to 700 watts, 24 volt models can produce up to 1400 watts, and 48 volt models can produce up to 2500 watts of power, depending on site head and flow rates. PM brushless alternator should have the optional Fan Kit if output is more than 500 watts.

Uses Brass Nozzles & Nozzle tubes. Pelton Wheel is cast Bronze.

See our Impulse Turbine system diagram (link opens in new window)

IMPORTANT: Harris Hydro Turbines are built-to-order, and may have a lead time per order of 4-6+ weeks. Harris Hydro Turbines are custom built to your site specifications to optimize output. Required information: Flow rate (any seasonal variation in flow?), head (elevation drop), type of pipe used, size pipe, length of pipe (note any bends/elbows).

Contact us for current availability and lead times. Pricing is FOB Renton, WA warehouse. Price includes a 4 Nozzle Hydro Turbine including 4 brass nozzles. Contact us for what size nozzles you need. Controller and transmission wiring are not included.

Lo Power Engineering

Available Options:
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  Fan Kit (+ $70.00) 

Product Specification Sheet.


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