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New Products at ABS Alaskan

We’ve introduced a lot of new product lines in the last few weeks, a few of the most exciting new items are:

EnCurrent vertical-axis in-stream water turbines: These innovative water turbines are “run of river” mounted, without any complicated penstocks or water diversions needed. They can even be mounted in coastal areas, capturing tidal flow and wave action for your power system. Every turbine is sold as a complete “water to wire” kit, including the appropriate inverter configuration for either a grid-tie or off-grid installation.

Westwind 5kW wind turbines: Westwind’s turbine design combines the best design elements from the small wind turbine industry to create a durable, easy to install and maintain mid-size turbine, with an exceptionally low start-up speed for low to moderate wind speed sites.

Polarwind grid-tie wind turbines and towers: Polarwind’s 10kW and 20kW grid-tie turbines are an excellent choice for larger alternative energy systems. Each turbine includes a grid-tie inverter with adjustable MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system, to maximize production efficiency in a variety of wind conditions.