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Composting Toilets: Sun-Mar indoor composting toilets give you the convenience of indoor plumbing, without the expense of installing (or fixing) a full septic system. The Mobile model even allows easy installation in an RV or boat. Models are available for 12V, 120V and non-electric installations.
Garden Composters: Sun-Mar also manufactures garden composters. Turn your kitchen and lawn scraps into wonderful organic fertilizer for your garden.
Gas Ranges: Premier manufactures gas oven/range units that are ideal for off-grid homes. Their full product line can be adapted for LPG or Natural Gas, and the igniter spark is powered by a single 9V battery.
Refrigerators & Freezers: We offer a full line of gas-powered refrigerator/freezers & chest freezers from EZ Freeze, as well as 12V chest-style refrigerators & freezers from SunDanzer. For portable use, our Schumacher DC cooler/warmers run off a vehicle battery.
Pellet Stoves: The Wiseway pellet stove features a uniquely designed gravity-feed pellet hopper. This one-of-a-kind pellet stove allows you to heat up to 2000sq. ft. with no electricity needed.

  1. Blizzard 22cf Propane Upright Off-Grid Freezer

    Blizzard 22 Cu. Ft. Upright Propane Freezer

    • No electricity required
    • Freezer Capacity = 22 Cu. Ft.
    • LP Gas Consumption = 3 Gal. per 7 days
    • Single burner Double Cooling Unit design
    • Hidden front mounted controls
    • Fast Freezing interior freezer shelves
    • Thermostat controlled temperature
    • CALL FOR PRICING on orders outside Alaska.
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  2. Econoburn EBW-100

    Econoburn Boiler 150,000 BTU

    Regular Price: $10,120.00

    Special Price $4,950.00

    • Wood gasification boiler
    • Burns half the wood of a traditional wood boiler
    • Doesn't require additional storage
    • Clean burning minimal smoke, creosote, and ash
    • Constructed with ¼” ASME grade 36 carbon steel
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