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Complete Centrex Systems

Centrex central composter systems are available in both 120V models (which feature a heating unit to speed the compost process), and non-electric models (which include an optional 12V fan). Three different sizes ensure one of them will meet your needs. Thanks to Sun-Mar, you can have a "normal" bathroom in your home, even if you can't have a traditional septic system. Our Centrex Sets make it easy for you to order 1 or more Sealand toilet units, and the necessary installation flanges, at the same time as your central composter. You can also buy the components separately.

From the manufacturer:

Three differently sized units, the Centrex 1000 (batch composting), Centrex 2000 (batch composting) and Centrex 3000 (continuous composting) are available for use with 1 pint flush toilets. The selection should be based on both whether the unit is used seasonally or residentially, and the number of people that will be using the unit. Typically, the Centrex 1000 is suitable for light to medium cottage use, the Centrex 2000 for medium to heavy cottage use or light residential use, while the continuous flow Centrex 3000 series is suitable for very heavy cottage use, or medium residential use.

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