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Earth Energy offers an extensive selection of battery care products. Power storage batteries are an essential component of any renewable energy system, and having the right products to maximize their efficiency and lifespan is a major money-saver in the long run.

Battery Chargers: Battery charger/power supplies serve two purposes: They charge your battery bank, and also supply a source of DC power. In an RV power system, for example, you may have a DC power system that could still be used while connected to 120V power.
Pulse Chargers: Pulse charging greatly improves the lifespan of your batteries. By charging a battery while sending intermittent power spikes (pulses), pulse chargers help remove sulfation buildup on the battery plates, increasing the battery capacity and longevity.
Battery Maintenance: Our battery maintenance products are designed to keep your batteries in peak condition, while they're in storage or in use. Pulse conditioners prevent damaging sulfation buildup on your battery plates, improving performance and lifespan. And a battery tester is always a good tool to keep on hand, so you can see whether your battery can be conditioned, or needs to be charged first.

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  1. 7-Watt PulseTech SolarPulse Battery Charger & Conditioner

    7-Watt PulseTech SolarPulse Battery Charger & Conditioner

    • Half the size of most 7 watt panels, low-profile, durable design
    • Works with flooded, AGM, and gel cell batteries
    • Extends battery life by preventing sulfation buildup on battery plates
    • Prevents battery power loss on stored vehicles
    • Five-year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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  2. PulseTech XC100-P Pulse Charger/Battery Maintainer

    Pulsetech 12V Xtreme Charge Auto XC100-P

    • Restores power to weak batteries
    • Recovers dead batteries
    • Extends battery life up to 5Xs with pulse conditioning
    • Charges any 12V lead-acid battery, even gel cell and AGM
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  3. XC-QM

    PulseTech XC100-P Xtreme Charger Quick Mount Bracket

    • Temporarily mount XC100-P
    • Allows charger to be easily removed and remounted
    • Made from 16-gauge steel
    • 90 day limited warranty
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  4. SC-6

    PulseTech SC-6 Xtreme6 Suitcase Pulse Charger

    • Desulfate, charge, maintain up to six 12 Volt batteries
    • Works on all types of 12V VRLA, AGM, flooded and gel lead-acid batteries
    • Patented Pulse Technology removes sulfate crystals and extends battery life
    • Works anywhere in the world with detachable IEC connector
    • One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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  5. PulseTech QuadLink 4 Battery Charger Multiplier

    PulseTech QuadLink 4 Battery Charger Multiplier

    • Use QuadLink to turn your existing 6 or 12V battery charger into a 4-station maintenance charger
    • Works on any kind of lead-acid battery that your battery charger can charge
    • Includes 4 eyelet lug adaptor cables and 4 5' extension leads
    • Water-resistant
    • 5-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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  6. XC-EXT05

    PulseTech Xtreme Pulse Charger Lead Extension 5'

    • 5 foot battery lead extension
    • For PulseTech Xtreme-series pulse chargers
    • Uses standard quick-disconnect terminals on both ends
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  7. XC-BKT

    PulseTech XC100-P Xtreme Pulse Charger Mounting Bracket

  8. Allows you to mount XC100-P pulse charger to the wall
  9. Made from 16-gauge steel
  10. 90 day limited warrenty
  11. Learn More
  • 6-Watt PulseTech SolarPulse ERV Battery Charger & Conditioner

    6-Watt PulseTech SolarPulse ERV Battery Charger & Conditioner

    • Designed for easy installation on emergency and law enforcement vehicles
    • Commercial-grade crystalline cells are 30% smaller per watt than and twice as efficient as typical panels
    • Restores and maintains the normal loss of battery power on seldom-used vehicles and equipment
    • Patented pulse technology circuit continuously desulfates batteries as it charges
    • Five-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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  • XC-822

    PulseTech XC-822 12V Battery & Alternator Tester

    • Tests 12-Volt lead-acid batteries & electrical systems
    • Fast, safe and simple operation
    • GOOD or BAD alternator voltage output LED display
    • Percentage battery state of charge LED display
    • 90-Day Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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  • XCR-20

    PulseTech XR-20 Xtreme Charge Recovery Pulse Charger

    • Charges and maintains 12-Volt lead-acid VRLA, AGM and flooded batteries
    • Ideal for larger 12-Volt batteries including group 31, 4-D and 8-D
    • Recovers deeply sulfated batteries
    • Heavy-duty replaceable battery cable with clamps
    • One-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
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