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Earth Energy offers an extensive selection of battery care products. Power storage batteries are an essential component of any renewable energy system, and having the right products to maximize their efficiency and lifespan is a major money-saver in the long run.

Battery Chargers: Battery charger/power supplies serve two purposes: They charge your battery bank, and also supply a source of DC power. In an RV power system, for example, you may have a DC power system that could still be used while connected to 120V power.
Pulse Chargers: Pulse charging greatly improves the lifespan of your batteries. By charging a battery while sending intermittent power spikes (pulses), pulse chargers help remove sulfation buildup on the battery plates, increasing the battery capacity and longevity.
Battery Maintenance: Our battery maintenance products are designed to keep your batteries in peak condition, while they're in storage or in use. Pulse conditioners prevent damaging sulfation buildup on your battery plates, improving performance and lifespan. And a battery tester is always a good tool to keep on hand, so you can see whether your battery can be conditioned, or needs to be charged first.

  1. SB® Cable Clamps

    SB® Cable Clamps

    • Cable clamps
    • Attach using supplied hardware
    • For use without handle
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  2. SB® Quick Safety Boots

    SB® Quick Safety Boots

    • SB® Connectors provide a level of safety and convenience, but Quick Cable engineers realized there was an opportunity to make them better
    • Safety boots are a Quick Cable innovation and unique product
    • Boots can be customized to fit exactly by cutting the opening to fit the cables being used
    • They protect SB® connectors from impact damage, provide strain relief for the cables, help prevent accidental arcing, seal out acid, dirt and moisture, and fit all major brands of connectors
    • They can be ordered with your custom imprint
    • Patent Pending
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  3. SB® Protective Caps

    SB® Protective Caps

    • Protective caps are the first step to keeping the terminals clean when equipment is disconnected
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  4. SB® A-Frame handle, 175 and 350 amp

    SB® A-Frame handle, 175 and 350 amp

    • SB® A-Frame handle
    • Attach using supplied hardware
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  5. SB® Handle, 350 amp

    SB® Handle, 350 amp

    • Coated Steel
    • SB® Handle
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  6. SB® Extraction Tools, 175 amp

    SB® Extraction Tools, 175 amp

    • Extraction tools
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  7. SB® Extraction Tools, 350 amp

    SB® Extraction Tools, 350 amp

    • Extraction tools
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  8. Accessories SB® Manual Releases

    Accessories SB® Manual Releases

    • Extra strong, epoxy coated, steel structure
    • Smooth procedure for connecting and disconnecting SB® housings
    • Maintains correct alignment for connectors
    • Attach using supplied hardware
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  9. SB® Safety Lockout-175 amp

    SB® Safety Lockout: 175a

    • Safety lockout
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  10. SB® Lock Box

    SB® Lock Box

    • Made of durable polypropylene
    • Fits SB®, SBX® and DIN connectors
    • Fits 50, 175, 350 amp connectors
    • Hasp has two padlock positions for OSHA lock-out/tag-out programs
    • Lock-out the charger, truck, battery
    • Lock-Together to complete charging cycle, battery cool down, proper battery rotation, etc.
    • Instructions molded into cover in three languages - English, French, Spanish
    • Designed and engineered by Quick Cable
    • Patent Pending
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