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Earth Energy offers an extensive selection of battery care products. Power storage batteries are an essential component of any renewable energy system, and having the right products to maximize their efficiency and lifespan is a major money-saver in the long run.

Battery Chargers: Battery charger/power supplies serve two purposes: They charge your battery bank, and also supply a source of DC power. In an RV power system, for example, you may have a DC power system that could still be used while connected to 120V power.
Pulse Chargers: Pulse charging greatly improves the lifespan of your batteries. By charging a battery while sending intermittent power spikes (pulses), pulse chargers help remove sulfation buildup on the battery plates, increasing the battery capacity and longevity.
Battery Maintenance: Our battery maintenance products are designed to keep your batteries in peak condition, while they're in storage or in use. Pulse conditioners prevent damaging sulfation buildup on your battery plates, improving performance and lifespan. And a battery tester is always a good tool to keep on hand, so you can see whether your battery can be conditioned, or needs to be charged first.

  1. PulseTech PowerPulse battery pulse conditioner

    PowerPulse w/Lugs

    • Make your batteries last three times longer
    • Prevents sulfation from reducing battery power
    • Batteries charge faster and more efficiently
    • Use in conjunction with a separate charging system
    • Works with all types of lead-acid batteries: gel cell, VRLA, AGM, flooded lead acid
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  2. Zephyr Industries Battery Bank Power Vent

    Zephyr Industries Battery Bank Power Vent

    • Positive venting of hydrogen gas.
    • Stops back drafting.
    • Puts the smell outside.
    • Keeps batteries warmer in cold climates.
    • Keeps the battery tops and terminals cleaner.
    • Uses very little power.
    • Excellent results for over 15 years.
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  3. Quick Charge Battery Fuel Gauge

    Quick Charge Battery Fuel Gauge

  4. Shows Battery Capacity
  5. Available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt
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