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Pulse & Recovery Chargers

PulseTech battery pulse chargers are the best way to charge, recover, and maintain your lead-acid batteries. Sulfation buildup is the #1 killer of batteries, but by sending higher-voltage electrical pulses through the battery, damaging sulfation buildup breaks down, and battery performance is restored. PulseTech's patented technology is proven to be the most effective way to de-sulfate a battery plate.


    PulseTech XC-PARALLEL Xtreme Parallel Battery Pulse Charger

    • Charges and maintains all 12-Volt lead-acid batteries
    • Extends battery life with desulfating pulses
    • Cannot overheat or overcharge the battery
    • Quick-disconnect allows you to use clamps or lugs
    • Five-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
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  2. PulseTech XC100-P Pulse Charger/Battery Maintainer

    Pulsetech 12V Xtreme Charge Auto XC100-P

    • Restores power to weak batteries
    • Recovers dead batteries
    • Extends battery life up to 5Xs with pulse conditioning
    • Charges any 12V lead-acid battery, even gel cell and AGM
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