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Power inverters take the direct current (DC) electricity from a DC power source (battery bank, solar panels, etc.), and convert it to alternating current (AC), similar to the power you get from the utility company. The vast majority of electrical appliances available today operate on AC power, so an inverter greatly increases the variety of appliances you can use with your DC/battery-based power system.
True (or Pure) Sine Wave Inverters create smooth-waveform AC power, which is equivalent to utility company power. All electric appliances will operate properly with true (or pure) sine wave power.
Inverter-Chargers perform two functions: Converting DC battery power to AC power for your appliances, and recharging your battery bank from another source of power (such as utility power, or renewable sources).
Solar Microinverters are installed directly on photovoltaic modules, converting the DC electricity produced by the solar panels to AC power right at the source. They help improve solar array performance, and are especially useful in grid-tie systems, or when you are using solar to offset your utility power usage.
Modified Sine Wave Inverters produce a 'stepped' waveform, which may interfere with the proper function of some sensitive electronics (such as monitor heaters, and some laser printers). However, they are very economical if you do not have any affected appliances in your system.

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  1. ME-RC

    Magnum ME-RC Remote Control

    • Control panel for Magnum:
      • ME Series
      • MM Series
      • MMS Series
      • MS Series
      • MSH-M Series
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  2. Morningstar 300W Sine Wave Inverter

    Regular Price: $296.00

    Special Price $222.00

    • Pure Sine Wave
    • Handles up to 200% surge
    • 55mA self consumption (standby mode)
    • Quiet: No internal cooling fan
    • Adjustable and Programmable
    • Toroidal transformer design
    • Peak efficiency of 92%
    • Extensive electronic protections with automatic recovery
    • Protected against harsh tropical and marine environment
    • 2 Year manufacturer warranty
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  3. S300

    Cotek S300 Pure Sine Wave 300W Inverter

    • 300 watt continuous output
    • 400 watt surge rating
    • Pure Sine Wave output (THD 6%)
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  4. SK350

    Cotek SK350 Pure Sine Wave 350W Inverter

    • 350 watt continuous output
    • 700 watt surge
    • Pure Sine Wave output (THD 3%)
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  5. APsystems YC500A Solar Microinverter

    APsystems YC600 Solar Microinverter

    • Continuous power of 274VA per channel, 300VA peak (600VA total)
    • Individual Maximum Power Point Tracking per panel
    • Connect up to 14 panels with 7 inverters per 240V string
    • Only one 20A breaker required per PV string
    • 10 year manufacturer warranty included
    • Optional 25 year manufacturer warranty available
    • Call for quote on orders of 50+ inverters: 1 (800) 235-0689
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  6. ME-ARC

    Magnum ME-ARC Advanced Remote Control

    • Control Panel for Magnum:
      • ME Series
      • MM Series
      • MMS Series
      • MS Series
      • MSH-M Series
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  7. PSE Series Modified Sine Wave Inverters

    Samlex PSE Modified Sine Wave Inverter 1250-2750 watt 12/24 volt

    • High efficiency switching mode design
    • Modified sine wave output voltage
    • 12 or 24V DC input – 120V AC output
    • 1250, 1750, or 2750 watts continuous output
    • 2500, 3500, or 4500 watts surge capacity
    • Low battery alarm / shut down feature
    • Two Year Manufacturers Warranty
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  8. XW-SCP

    Schneider 865-1050 XW SCP System Control Panel

    • Compatible with all Xanbus products
    • Recommended for Schneider Conext systems
    • Simultaneously Monitor your Inverter/Charger, Solar Controller, and Automatic Generator start
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  9. SW_DC_Power_Distributions_Panel

    Schneider Conext SW DC Breaker Panel

    • 250-amp DC Main Breaker
    • Positive Busbar
    • Negative Busbar
    • Includes 2 additional DC Breaker Slots
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  10. Conext Combox

    Schneider Conext SW Combox

    • Compatible with all Xanbus items
    • Integrated web server
    • View system using web browser or Android device
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