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Solar PV Microinverters

Get the most out of your solar panel array by installing microinverters on your PV panels! One of the weaknesses of a traditional DC solar array is that the output of all of your solar panels are dependent on one another. When one panel is partially shaded, or covered in debris, the output of all the panels in the string is reduced equally. Solar microinverters are the answer. With one APsystems YC500A microinverter installed for every two panels in your array, every panel operates independently, and each panel has individual Maximum Power Point Tracking to ensure peak efficiency. Each YC500A can output up to 500W of 240V AC power (up to 250W per panel), and up to 14 panels can be installed through 7 inverters per string.

If you are planning to install your own system, or just want a better understanding of how everything fits together, see our PV microinverter system diagram (pdf opens in new tab), or watch the video below to get a full overview of the installation process in under 25 minutes:

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