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Micro-Inverters & Accessories

  1. APsystems YC500A Solar Microinverter

    APsystems YC600 Solar Microinverter

    • Continuous power of 274VA per channel, 300VA peak (600VA total)
    • Individual Maximum Power Point Tracking per panel
    • Connect up to 14 panels with 7 inverters per 240V string
    • Only one 20A breaker required per PV string
    • 25 year manufacturer warranty included
    • Call for quote on orders of 50+ inverters: 1 (800) 235-0689
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  2. APsystems AC Termination Cable

    APsystems AC Termination Cable

    • Connects first YC500A microinverter in a string to the AC junction box.
    • One AC Termination Cable needed per PV string in your array.
    • 6 foot cable, 12AWG, 600V, Red-Black-White insulation, UL certified.
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  3. APsystems Microinverter Extension Cable

    APsystems Extension Cable

    • APsystems Microinverter Extension Cables
    • Available in 1 meter, 2 meter, and 4 meter lengths
    • Needed when distance between microinverters is > 6ft
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