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  1. Flojet R4426 40psi V-FLO 5.0gpm Water System Pump

    Flojet R4426 40psi V-FLO 5.0gpm Water Pump (12V or 24V)

    • No pressure tank needed, micro-controller regulated
    • Maintains 40psi pressure when water is running
    • Builds up to 60psi reserve pressure when faucet is closed
    • Runs on 12V DC Power
    • Replaces R4525-743
    • CSA Listed and C.E. Certified
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  2. Flojet 5gpm Variable Speed Drive Water Pump

    Flojet 4524 5gpm 115VAC Quad VSD Pump (Plug-in)

    • 5gpm AC-powered water pump
    • Constant water pressure
    • Low amp draw variable-speed motor
    • No pressure tank or pressure switch
    • Plugs in to regular 120VAC power outlet
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  3. 4406

    Flojet 4405 Quiet Quad 3.3 gpm Pump (12V or 24V)

    • 12V or 24V AC water system pump
    • No pressure tank needed!
    • For water systems with up to five fixtures
    • Four chamber diaphragm w/bypass reduces pump cycling
    • Self-priming, can run dry without damage
    • Inlet strainer recommended
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  4. Flojet Triplex 3526-144 12 volt pump

    Flojet 3526-144 12V 2.9gpm Triplex pump

    • 12V DC Triplex Water Pump
    • 2.9 gallons per minute
    • Quad Port inlet/outlet
    • Self-priming to 9 feet
    • Can run dry without damage
    • Meets ISO 8846 (Ignition protection)
    • 03526-144A 03526-14A 10-0109 R3526-144A
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