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Macerator Pumps: These pumps are an integral part of RV waste systems. They 'chop up' the contents of the RV waste tank, and pump the waste out. We carry Flojet and Jabsco brand macerator pumps, and macerator repair parts.
Circulating Pumps: Circulating pumps are designed to move water at low pressure. They're commonly used in hot water heating systems, and as marine bilge pumps. We carry three different models of Jabsco circulating pumps, for both low- and high-temperature applications.
Water System Pumps: Water pressure pumps are used most commonly in household, RV, or remote cabin water systems. They're usually activated by a pressure switch, which automatically turns on the pump when water system pressure drops below a set PSI. We carry a range of Flojet water pressure pumps, as well as repair parts.
Utility/Transfer Pumps: Utility pumps are often used to transfer fluid from one containter to another. One example would be transferring heating fuel from a transport tank into a home heating system tank. The LVM transfer pumps we carry run on either 12V or 24V DC power, so you can run them off a vehicle battery or battery bank.
Off-Grid Well Pumps: Off-grid pumps are specially designed to run off a renewable energy source (solar or wind power), rather than being activated by a pressure switch or on/off switch. These pumps will operate when power is available, to fill a holding tank. Off-grid pumps are also often used for remote livestock watering stations.

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  1. Flojet VersiJet high capacity R8600-series pump

    Flojet VersiJet R8600 6.0 gpm Pump (12V or 24V)

    • 12V or 24V 6.0 GPM water pumps
    • Maximum water pressure: 70psi @ 3.3gpm
    • Self-priming to 10 feet (when wetted)
    • Durable Santoprene/EPDM contstruction
    • Fully-suppressed, CSA Listed and C.E. Certified
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  2. 1740-950S

    Flojet 1740-950S Quad M to Quad F Strainer

    • 40 mesh inlet strainer for water pumps
    • Inlet: Quad Port female
    • Outlet: Quad Port male
    • Connects directly to pump at the Quad Port fitting
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  3. 18596-1000

    18596-1000 Flojet/Jabsco Macerator Wearplate Gasket Kit

    • Replacement wear plate gasket (2)
    • Part #7 on exploded diagram
    • Fits Flojet/Jabsco 18590-2092, 18590-2094, 18555-000, 18690-0000 Series Macerator Pumps.
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  4. 4306-500

    Flojet 4306-500 Quiet Quad 12V 3.2gpm Pump

    • 12VDC water system pump
    • For water systems with up to 5 fixtures
    • Pressure tank and inlet strainer recommended
    • Automatically on at 22psi, off at 35psi
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  5. Jabsco 22130-2721 RV Macerator, 120 vac

    Jabsco 22130-2721 120V RV/Marine Macerator

    • 120V AC pump, grinds ~12gpm to 1/8"
    • Self-priming: 5ft. lift when wet, 4ft. when dry
    • 1.5in. hose barb inlet, 1in. ID hose barb outlet
    • Can be mounted in any position
    • Designed for permanent installation
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  6. 20381-007

    Flojet 20381-007 Adapters Quad Port to Garden Hose

    • Straight Quad port to garden hose adapters
    • Makes disconnecting your pump fast and easy
    • Perfect for systems that need to be winterized
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  7. 2009-080A

    2009-080A 12V Flojet 4325-143 Replacement Motor

  8. 12VDC replacement motor
  9. Fits following Flojet models:
  10. 4325-143, 2840-100
  11. Learn More
  • 18550-100

    Flojet 18550-100 Macerator Pump: Garden Hose

    • Connects directly to the RV waste outlet
    • Male garden hose discharge port
    • Fresh water rinse capabilities
    • Easy clean up and storage
    • USCG and CSA listed
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  • 20381-015

    Flojet 20381-015 Adapters Quad Port to 1/2" Hose Barb

    • Two (2) straight quad port-to-hose barb fittings/adapters
    • Viton O ring
    • For 04XXX-series Flojet pumps
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  • 20406-001A

    Flojet 20406-001A Pump Head, 4406 Series

    • Replacement pump head for Flojet models:
    • 4406-043, 4406-143, 4406-343
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