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Macerator Pumps & Parts

Macerator Waste Pumps are used to empty waste holding tanks on RVs, boats, and similar vehicles. By breaking soft waste into smaller pieces, the waste can easily pass through a regular hose, making the job of emptying waste tanks much easier. By using a macerator pump, and flushing your tank with water periodically, you can virtually eliminate any clogging in your waste system.

Flojet/Jabsco 18500 series Macerator pumps grind sewage waste down to particles 1/8" diameter or less, allowing easy tank pumping through a standard 5/8" garden hose (or other similarly sized hose). These pumps will empty most recirculating toilets in under two minutes, and a standard 30 gallon holding tank in three minutes or less. Their self-priming design allows installation above the tank, if that is most convenient. (NOTE: Macerator pumps are designed ONLY to handle soft waste and tissue. Solid objects, or sanitary napkins, can clog or damage the pump, and void any applicable warranty.)

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