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Water System Pumps & Parts

A pressure pump is an essential part of any household water system, that is not connected to a water utility service. Typically, a pressure pump will be used to pump water from your holding tank to the rest of your water system. Some water systems may require more than one pump (a deep well pump or a transfer pump, for filling the holding tank), while other systems may do well with just the pressure pump.

Properly designed systems will also include an inlet filter, to protect the pump from waterborne debris. We carry a variety of Flojet inlet strainers. The U.S. 40 Mesh strainer screen will block any particle larger than 0.0165 inches (420 microns) from entering the pump, and the transparent covers allow quick visual inspection of the filter screen. You can remove the cover to easily rinse any debris out, if it becomes clogged.

Most water pressure pumps should also be used with an accumulator/pressure tank. Unless you purchase a variable speed pump (like the Flojet R4525), an accumulator tank will help reduce pump cycling, and sudden changes in water pressure ("chatter" or "water hammering") in your pipes. An accumulator tank is installed after the pressure pump and matched to the pump's pressure switch settings, to hold a small reserve of pressurized water to supply a smooth, constant flow of water.

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  1. 20406-001A

    Flojet 20406-001A Pump Head, 4406 Series


    • Replacement pump head for Flojet models:
    • 4406-043, 4406-143, 4406-343
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  2. 2100

    Flojet 2100 12/24V 2.3gpm Water System Pump


    • 12V or 24V water system pump
    • 2.3gpm at 27psi, to up to 3 fixtures
    • Designed for intermittent duty
    • Can run dry without damage
    • Self-priming to 7.8 feet (2.4m)
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  3. 2009-080A

    2009-080A 12V Flojet 4325-143 Replacement Motor


  4. 12VDC replacement motor
  5. Fits following Flojet models:
  6. 4325-143, 2840-100
  7. Learn More
  • 2009-087A

    2009-087A Flojet 4305-144 Replacement Motor


  • 12 volt DC replacement motor
  • Fits following Flojet models:
  • 4305-144
  • Learn More
  • 4325

    Flojet 4325 4.5gpm Quad Pump (12V, 24V, 120V)


    • Water system pump, 4.5gpm 40psi
    • Available for 12V, 24V, and 120V power systems.
    • For water systems with up to five fixtures
    • Four chamber diaphragm reduces pump cycling
    • Self-priming, can run dry without damage
    • Inlet strainer included
    Learn More
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