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Residential and Commercial NEC Classes Offered in Fairbanks and Anchorage By ABS Alaskan, Inc.

RESIDENTIAL SOLAR & WIND SYSTEMS and the National Electrical Code®
a FREE SEMINAR series for homeowners by Alaska’s Renewable Energy experts!
Presented February 2011 in Fairbanks and Anchorage by ABS Alaskan, Inc.
• Learn what you need to know to protect yourself, your family, and your RE system 

Fairbanks    Saturday, February 5th – 9AM to Noon       Thursday, February 10th – 7PM to 10PM
2130 Van Horn Rd.
Anchorage    Thursday, February 17th- 7PM to 10PM    Saturday, February 19th – 1PM to 4PM
166 E Potter Dr.

COMMERCIAL SOLAR & WIND SYSTEMS and the National Electrical Code®
Engineering – Government – Contractors – Utilities – Installers
a FREE SEMINAR series for Commercial entities presented by Alaska’s Renewable Energy experts!
Presented February 2011 in Fairbanks and Anchorage by ABS Alaskan, Inc.
• Fundamentals of the NEC® as it applies to Renewable Energy systems
• Fundamentals of grid interconnection
• “Solar Ready Construction” strategies for planning & construction of PV 

Fairbanks    Thursday, February 3rd – 7PM to 10PM    Wednesday, February 9th – 9AM to Noon
2130 Van Horn Rd.
Anchorage    Thursday, February 17th- 1PM to 4PM    Saturday, February 19th – 9AM to Noon
166 E Potter Dr.      

For more information and registration, call Jim Norman at (800) 478-7145 or (907) 452-2002.
Or email   jim@absak.com 

Don’t miss this opportunity! 
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New Products at ABS Alaskan

We’ve introduced a lot of new product lines in the last few weeks, a few of the most exciting new items are:

EnCurrent vertical-axis in-stream water turbines: These innovative water turbines are “run of river” mounted, without any complicated penstocks or water diversions needed. They can even be mounted in coastal areas, capturing tidal flow and wave action for your power system. Every turbine is sold as a complete “water to wire” kit, including the appropriate inverter configuration for either a grid-tie or off-grid installation.

Westwind 5kW wind turbines: Westwind’s turbine design combines the best design elements from the small wind turbine industry to create a durable, easy to install and maintain mid-size turbine, with an exceptionally low start-up speed for low to moderate wind speed sites.

Polarwind grid-tie wind turbines and towers: Polarwind’s 10kW and 20kW grid-tie turbines are an excellent choice for larger alternative energy systems. Each turbine includes a grid-tie inverter with adjustable MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system, to maximize production efficiency in a variety of wind conditions.

Now Available: Xantrex XW Inverter Systems

The ABS Alaskan alternative energy store is pleased to announce we now carry Xantrex’s new XW inverter-battery chargers, and all the accessories you need to build a state-of-the-art home power system around your XW inverter.

See our selection of XW inverters and XW accessories here!

GVEA’s SNAP Program: support alternative energy for Interior Alaska

Golden Valley Electric Association’s SNAP (Sustainable Natural Alternative Power) program allows people with alternative energy power systems to sell electricity back to GVEA, for up to $1.50 per kilowatt hour, partially through an annual revenue-share program. GVEA members who subscribe to the SNAP program (by checking a box on their monthly electric bill, or contacting GVEA by phone or online) contribute $2 or more a month to support these providers. Once a year, these contributions are divided evenly among the registered producers, according to how much power they’ve provided.

SNAP is a great example of how electric utility companies can encourage natural energy production, by getting their members involved! Check out more information about SNAP.

Welcome to the new absAK.com

The site may not look new at first glance, but we’ve moved our library to a new, better backend system, with an all-new news blog! You can subscribe to our news posts via RSS, or email, and keep in touch with our latest projects, new renewable energy tax incentives and utility intertie programs, and other alternative energy information.