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Renewable Energy Information for Everyone

Home Power System Diagrams

Each diagram details the components needed to operate various alternative energy systems. Simply click on any component in each diagram, and you’ll open a pop-window with more detailed information about that specific part. All power system diagrams include the inverter & accessories needed for AC power.

General Home Renewable Energy Systems

Outlines the basic system requirements for a solar panel, wind turbine, engine generator or hybrid power system, as well as our submersible Aquair Underwater turbine.

Pelton Wheel Water Generator System

Shows the specific components needed to operate a Pelton Wheel style micro-hydro generator. This system is somewhat more complex than the Aquair submersible turbine shown above, but offers significant power from relatively low-flow water supplies.

Household Water Pump Systems

Whether you’re pumping from a deep well, or out of a pond, stream or shallow well, this diagram details the components needed to operate a quality water system for household or utility needs. Includes considerations for both solar/wind power, and regular on-grid systems.