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Charge Controls and System Monitoring

You can find controls just for your solar panels or wind turbine, multi-purpose units to control all your alternative energy sources, battery meters to track system efficiency, and control panels that integrate everything into one unit.

Charge Controls and System Monitoring

Charge Controls and System Monitoring

Home Power System Diagram
See where charge controls and system meters fit into your renewable energy system, and learn how they work.

Tech Notes – MPPT Controls
Learn more about maximum power point tracking charge controllers and other technical issues in our Tech Notes section.

Charge Controls and System MonitoringCharge Controllers

Maximize Your Alternative Energy Source

While your solar panels or wind and water turbines are busy generating power, you need to protect your storage batteries from over-charging. A good charge controller will not only protect your batteries from overcharging damage, but can actually improve your renewable energy system’s charging speed and efficiency.

Our charge controls with features like three-stage pulse width modulated charging (PWM – optimizes charging current depending on how much current your batteries need) and maximum power point tracking (MPPT – can boost charging current by 30%).

Charge Controls and System MonitoringWe offer controllers and system meters from top names like Trace Engineering, Morningstar, Cruising Equipment, and Flexcharge. Whether you need a simple solar controller for a single solar array, a high-capacity load-diverting controller for your wind or water turbine, or want a single control that will monitor and regulate everything in one unit, we’ve got a charge controller to meet your needs.

Explore the links on the right to learn more about our wide range of charge control and system metering products. If you need help deciding which controller is right for your system, please contact us for more information.