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DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility Pumps

Whether you want to boost your cabin’s water pressure, repair your RV’s waste disposal system, or pump diesel fuel into your heating system tank, we have the pump you need.

DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility Pumps

DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility Pumps

Basic Pump Types and Uses
Learn what different types of pumps are available, and what each type of pump is primarily used for.

DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility PumpsWater & Utility Pumps

AC & DC Pumps for Any Need

Direct Current (DC) pumps are widely used in marine and RV applications, where the electrical system is powered by a deep cycle battery bank. We also carry a selection of AC powered pressure pumps, for those without access to DC power, and a selection of manual well pumps for emergency back-up and no-power sites.

DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility PumpsUtility & Portable Pumps – Our line of utility pumps from Jabsco include 12VDC, 24VDC and 115VAC macerator pumps for RV (or similar) waste water systems and 12 & 24VDC hot-water heating system pumps.

We also feature a line of portable DC powered pumps from LVM, able to pump fresh or salt water & diesel fuel.

DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility PumpsManual Well Pumps – We now carry manual (non-electric) pumps from Simple Pump. Manual pumps are ideal for remote or back-up water systems, and can be used to pressurize household water systems during power failures.

Our manual pumps will fit alone in wells with 2-8 inch diameter casings, or alongside an electric submersible pump in 4-8 inch wells. A DC motor adapter is available for use with battery systems.

DC Powered and Manual Water & Utility PumpsRV & Pressure Pumps – We carry water system pressure pumps, both AC and DC powered, from Flojet and Jabsco. These are standard pumps for RV/Marine water systems, and can be used for pressurizing any holding-tank water system.

Many repair parts and accessories for the Flojet line are available, from filters and fittings to pressure tanks, parts and rebuild kits.

Off-Grid Direct Power Pumps – We now carry a line of solar/wind-direct surface and submersible pumps from Dankoff, designed to pump water into a holding tank at varying speed depending on the amount of power available from your solar or wind power source. These pumps do not require batteries or grid power to operate.

Contact us if you have any questions about which pump would best meet your needs.