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Energy Efficient and Non-Electric Home Appliances

Choosing the right appliances will make any home more efficient. Save money with these products.

Energy Efficient and Non-Electric Home Appliances

Energy Efficient and Non-Electric Home Appliances

Learn About Energy Efficient Appliances
How does changing you water heater help your alternative energy system? What appliances will help improve your efficiency most?

How Much Power Do You Use?
Visit our load calculation page and find out how much power your current appliances use, so you can find areas to improve your efficiency!

Energy Efficient and Non-Electric Home AppliancesEnergy Efficient Appliances

Save energy with the right appliances

Choosing the right appliances makes all the difference in a renewable energy system. Can you run your refrigerator with a solar panel, or will you need a separate engine generator to keep your food from spoiling? Do you have an efficient gas oven, or do you use huge amounts of electrical power to cook your food? Even your hot water heater can eat up more electricity than you’d imagine.

Energy Efficient and Non-Electric Home AppliancesIf your appliances are due for an overhaul, we offer super efficient SunFrost refrigerators, a variety of efficient propane and alternative fuel appliances from Explorer, and maximum efficiency water heaters from Aqua Star and Takagi.

Upgrading to efficient and alternative fuel appliances may cost more at first, but you’ll save even more on the size of your renewable power system. Even if you don’t have an alternative energy system, energy efficient appliances will often pay for themselves in electric bill savings.

If you’re ready to upgrade your appliances, let us know. We can help you decide which of our energy efficient products can save you the most power usage, and the most money.