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Backup Power Engine Generators

We currently offer Honda gasoline generators, and Northern Lights Lugger diesel models as well.

Backup Power Engine Generators

Learn About Engine Generators
How does a diesel generator fit into a renewable energy system? Should I consider adding a backup generator to my power system? How do engine generators work?

Design a Back up Power System
Visit our load* calculation page and find out how much backup power your electrical system needs!

Generator System Diagram
See where a generator fits into an alternative energy system, and how it works with other system components.

Backup Power Engine GeneratorsEngine Generators

Reliable Back-up Power

Sometimes the weather may not cooperate with even the best alternative energy system. When the sun won’t shine, and the wind is still, a backup engine generator may be just the thing to keep your power system running. For homes with critical medical equipment, or businesses with sensitive computer networks, a back up power system may be necessary even when grid power is available.

Backup Power Engine GeneratorsWe have high quality Honda gasoline generators, and diesel generators from Hardy Diesel to provide reliable backup power to most homes and small offices. Say good bye to black-outs with a backup generator sized to support your important electrical equipment and power systems.

If you think a backup generator could provide the reliability your electrical system needs, check out the generators we have available online or contact us for expert advice on choosing a generator for your back up power system.