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GVEA Sustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP)

GVEA SNAP for Subscribers:

Golden Valley Electric Association’s SNAP program allows you to support alternative energy producers in Alaska. If you’re a GVEA member, you can sign up to donate between $2-25 a month toward SNAP producers. GVEA give all the member contributions to SNAP power producers.

  • Does this mean my electricity will come from the renewable energy providers? There is no way for GVEA to separate the SNAP producers’ power from their regular electric supply. But the SNAP producers’ power is ‘mixed in’ with the regular grid power.
  • So, what do I get out of it? If you support the idea of developing alternative energy sources as an alternative to diesel and coal power plants, your contribution will help create an incentive for people to join the SNAP program as producers. The more producers SNAP has, the higher the percentage of sustainable, renewable power GVEA will have to offset traditional power plant electricity.

You can sign up as a SNAP subscriber by calling GVEA at (907) 452-1151 or emailing info@gvea.com, or if you receive your electric bill through the mail, you can fill out the SNAP contribution form on the bill.

GVEA SNAP for Producers:

Golden Valley Electric Association’s SNAP program allows people with alternative energy power systems to sell electricity back to GVEA, for up to $1.50 per kilowatt hour, and join in an annual revenue-share program. All money received from SNAP subscribers is divided among the producers, according to how much power each producer contributed in the past year. Providers are also paid an additional fee “based on the average cost of non-firm power purchased by” GVEA. (Source: GVEA SNAP_Tariff.pdf)

  • Can I sell the extra power from my alternative energy system to SNAP? No, you need to have a dedicated renewable power system in order to participate in the SNAP program. GVEA also requires special permission if you want to have battery storage integrated with your SNAP generation system.
  • Will my SNAP earnings be deducted from my household GVEA power bill? No. Your home electric service account is completely separate from your SNAP provider account. SNAP providers are paid once a year, according to the terms of the SNAP provider agreement.
  • How do I set up a SNAP renewable energy generation system? You can find more information about the requirements for SNAP providers on GVEA’s website, including interconnection requirements, and terms of the SNAP Power Purchase and Interconnection Agreement.