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Low Voltage Efficient DC Lighting

Find energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs here, in fluorescent, halogen and regular incandescent styles.

Low Voltage Efficient DC Lighting

Low Voltage Efficient DC Lighting

Learn About DC Lighting
How will a DC lighting system save you money? What alternatives are available to regular lightbulbs and fixtures?

How Much Power Do You Use?
Visit our load calculation page and find out how much power your current appliances use, so you can find areas to improve your efficiency!

Low Voltage Efficient DC LightingLow Voltage Lighting

Direct Current Lighting

You’ve probably heard about how efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs are compared to regular incandescent bulbs. Another efficient lighting option you may not have heard about is low voltage direct current lighting. DC lighting uses much less power than standard AC bulbs.

We have energy efficient AC and DC light bulbs and fixtures for LED, halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lighting from ThinLite and other top manufacturers. For alternative energy systems, DC lighting also reduces the electrical load on your inverter, because direct current lighting can be run directly off your battery power.Low Voltage Efficient DC Lighting

DC lighting is standard in most RV electrical systems, which are run off deep cycle battery power. Our DC lighting products are perfect for RV systems.

If you’re interested in finding out about efficient AC and DC lighting, visit the links on the right or contact us for more information. Find out if low voltage lighting is a good choice for you.