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RPGU2 – Wind Turbine Options

Remote Power Generation Units
(RPGU-2) Wind Powered

RPGU2 - Wind Turbine OptionsWind Turbine Options

The RPGU2 can be equipped with a variety of models and sizes of wind turbines, optimized for your site and application.

High efficiency models like the AeroGen 200 watt, 24VDC wind turbine are very effective in low to moderate average wind speeds. For sites with higher average wind speeds , the Southwest Windpower’s 400 watt AIR-403, AIR Marine and AIR Industrial are recommended. In the 900-1000 watt range, the Whisper H-40 or H-80 (shown on the right) wind turbines are a top choice.

Feel free to ask us which wind turbines may be best suited for your remote application.

ABS Alaskan’s Full Selection of Wind Turbines

AeroGen Specification Sheet
Air 403 Specification Sheet
Air Industrial Specification Sheet
Whisper H-Series Specification Sheet

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