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RPGU2 – Other Features

Remote Power Generation Units
(RPGU-2) Wind Powered

RPGU2 - Other FeaturesOther Features

The RPG Units are configured with a number of other safety features and reliability enhancements. Specific additional features may be included to meet your project’s unique requirements. Some of the RPGU’s available features include:

»Battery Monitor

The battery monitor records numerous operating statistics. Each monitor is equipped with a low voltage alarm that will disable power output, should the battery charge fall below a pre-set point. The power output will be re-connected when the batteries are sufficiently recharged.

»Output Options

All units can be equipped with an output controller to regulate the output voltage and amperage of the unit. The RPGU2 can be configured to meet your power output requirements, whether you need 12V, 24V, or 48V DC power, or even 120/240V AC output.

»Diversion Load/Overcharge Protection

The batteries are protected from overcharging damage by the charge control system. The control unit monitors battery voltage and sends any excess current to a diversion load where it is released as heat.

»Monitoring & Data Logging

An onboard weather monitoring station can be installed (wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc.), along with various options for on-site or remote-retrieval logging of weather and electrical performance data.

RPGU-2 Specification Sheet

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