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RPGU Hybrid – General Features

Remote Power Generation Units (RPGU)

RPGU Hybrid - General FeaturesGeneral Information

Our Remote Power Generation Units utilize solar and wind energy to provide you with a reliable source of continuous electrical power in remote sites. Their advantages are numerous:

» Environmentally Friendly

The primary power sources are natural and abundant. The units are autonomous and designed to work in concert with their environment, so there is almost no risk of damage or contamination

» Adaptable

The units are easily modified to accommodate the specific power requirements and site conditions for any application or location.

» Reliable

The units will operate reliably in the harshest of conditions with minimal monitoring or maintenance. They can be used seasonally or year-round.

» Economical

Under typical operating conditions, the units can produce power for less than four cents ($0.04) per kilowatt hour.

» Portable

The units are easily transported by ground vehicle or aircraft, and are quick and simple to set up.

» Safe

The units incorporate numerous safety features to protect you, the environment and the unit itself. All units are built to UL standards, and can be UL Approved if desired.

» Monitoring

The units are equipped with site & system monitoring capability. You can track both real-time and historical data. This information can be recorded on site, or transmitted to a central location for monitoring and analysis.

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