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RPGU Hybrid – Battery Bank Options

Remote Power Generation Units
(RPGU) Wind/Solar Hybrid Power

RPGU Hybrid - Battery Bank OptionsBattery Bank

RPG Units contain a high quality, 24 VDC deep cycle battery bank. The make, quantity and model of the batteries used in each unit depends on the power requirements of the specific application.

Non-spillable batteries (sealed, gell, SLA or AGM), minimize necessary maintenance and environmental contamination risks, and are more tolerant of cold temperatures due to their specially sealed case and lack of free-flowing electrolyte.

Standard (flooded cell) deep cycle batteries are fitted with "Hydrocap" battery caps that recombine battery gasses and return them to the battery as water, greatly reducing external gassing and water loss from the batteries.

The battery bank is mounted in a spill containment tray installed in an enclosed, insulated compartment.

ABS Alaskan Deep Cycle Batteries

Trojan Deep Cycle Specs
Deka Industrial Deep Cycle Specs
Vision Low Maintenance SLA Specs

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