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RPGU Hybrid – Other Features

Remote Power Generation Units
(RPGU) Wind/Solar Hybrid Power

RPGU Hybrid - Other FeaturesOther Features

The RPG Units are configured with a number of other safety features and reliability enhancements. Specific additional features may be included to meet your project’s unique requirements. Some of the RPGU’s standard safety features include:

» Battery Monitor

The battery monitor records numerous operating statistics. Each monitor is equipped with a low voltage alarm that will activate the backup generator, should the battery charge fall below a pre-set point.

» Output Controller

All units are equipped with an output controller to regulate the output voltage and amperage of the unit.

» Propane Monitor

The generator compartment in each unit is monitored for unsafe levels of propane gas. If unsafe LP levels are detected, the generator activity is suspended, and the compartment is purged. When safe LP levels are reached, the generator activity is automatically resumed.

» Pre-Heater

If the ambient temperature in the generator compartment is below 10º F, the pre-heater is automatically activated. When the generator compartment reaches operating temperature, the generator is activated.

RPGU-3 Specification Sheet

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