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Solar Thermal Systems

ABS Alaskan stocks both Heliodyne’s Flat-Plate Systems and Kingspan Solar’s Evacuated-Tube Systems. We have a comprehensive selection of solar thermal products for home and commercial applications! Whether you want to save money with solar-heated hot water, enjoy solar radiant floor heat or keep the pool nice and warm, we have a system that will meet your needs.

These systems can qualify for the Federal Renewable Energy 30% Tax Credit!
DSIRE – Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit

SEIA – Federal Solar Energy Incentives FAQ

Solar Thermal Systems

Heliodyne Solar Thermal Brochure (pdf) Learn more about Heliodyne’s extensive line of flat-plate solar thermal systems, parts and accessories.

Heliodyne Flat-Plate Collector Specifications (pdf) Learn more about Heliodyne’s flat-plate collectors.

Kingspan Solar Thermal Brochure (pdf) Learn more about Kingspan Solar’s extensive line of evacuated-tube solar thermal systems, parts and accessories.

Kingspan Solar Evacuated-Tube Specifications (pdf) Learn more about Kingspan Solar’s evacuated-tube collectors.

Flate-Plate & Evacuated-Tube Collector Comparison (pdf) Home Power Magazine’s article on the benefits and drawbacks of different types of solar thermal collectors.

Basic Solar Thermal System Diagram (pdf) Not quite sure how a solar thermal system works? Our basic system diagram will explain it for you.

Solar Thermal SystemsSolar Thermal Systems
30% Tax Credit!

With rising fuel and electricity prices around the US and the Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit, there has never been a better time to consider a solar thermal system for your home or business. Solar thermal technology allows the sun’s energy to heat water, lowering or eliminating your electric or propane water heating expenses.

Currently, the Federal government offers a 30% tax credit to homes and businesses that install a solar hot water system.

Heliodyne has been producing solar thermal equipment since the mid-1970s, so you know their systems have been perfected over the years to create the best solar thermal systems available on the market today. Heliodyne offers systems specialized for both warm and cold climates, to protect your investment from the unique demands of your local weather.

Kingspan Solar has an overall goal to provide solutions towards a zero carbon lifestyle. With over 25 years’ experience in design, specifications and installation of solar thermal technology, Kingspan Solar prides itself on leading the way with premium quality products including their award-winning Thermomax solar vacuum tubes.

Click the links on the right to download more information about Heliodyne and Kingspan solar thermal systems, or browse our extensive selection of solar thermal products in our online store. Feel free to contact us by phone for help choosing which solar thermal system is right for you, and to learn about different options that may be available for your installation.