APsystems AC Termination Cable


  • Connects first YC500A microinverter in a string to the AC junction box.
  • One AC Termination Cable needed per PV string in your array.
  • 6 foot cable, 12AWG, 600V, Red-Black-White insulation, UL certified.


The branch connection cable is used to connect a PV microinverter string to the solar array junction box. One branch connection cable is needed for each string of YC500A microinverters.

From the manufacturer:

Provides connection from junction box to first microinverter in string. Connector at one end, bare wire at other. 6 foot 3 conductor connector, 12AWG, 600V. Type TC-ER 90C, -40C. Insulation color: red-black-white. UL certified.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs