Bergey Excel 10Kw Grid-Tie Wind Turbine


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  • 10kW Grid-Tie Wind Turbine
  • Start up wind speed 7.5 mph
  • Included 12kW Powersync II Inverter
  • AUTOFURL for overspeed protection
  • Optional guyed lattice tower, 60ft. or 80ft.
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Bergey’s BWC Excel grid-intertie wind turbines are rated for 10 kilowatts AC output in a utility-interconnection system. Their low start-up wind speed (7.5mph) and high maximum design wind speed (120mph) make them ideal for providing large amounts of power to a home grid-tie system under almost any wind conditions.

It is available with 240VAC/US output and 220VAC/UK output. The turbine itself produces high-voltage power, so it can be sited some distance from the household power system without excessive line loss.

The Excel’s 23 foot diameter blades are flexible in torsion, with a unique pitch-weight attached to the leading edges. The blades are set at a higher pitch to aid start-up, but then ‘flatten out’ to improve aerodynamics at higher speeds. At 30-34mph, the passive Autofurl wind speed protection design kicks in, as the rotor furling thrust overcomes the tail resistance, preventing high wind speed damage to the turbine.

With only 4 moving parts, and an exceptional 5 year warranty, the Bergey Excel series should provide reliable power production at virtually any site, for years to come. No scheduled maintenance is required beyond biannual inspections, and replacement of the outer 3 feet of blade edge tape every 4-5 years. And now, every Bergey Excel 10kW turbine includes their ECP enhanced (marine grade) corrosion protection treatment!

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