Drok DC Digital Voltmeter


  • Measuring voltage range: DC 3-30V
  • Maximum input: DC 30V
  • Minimum input: DC 3V
  • Accuracy: Under 10V: accurate to 0.01V; Over 10V: accurate to 0.1V


  • High accuracy: DROK digital voltmeter measuring range is DC 3-30V, its decimal point will automatically move, and it also has a tiny potentiometer to do finer adjustments.
  • Easy to connect wires: the voltage tester gauge only has two wires, the red connects to positive and the black connects to negative.
  • Safe to use: our volt detector is designed with reversed connection protection, it will NOT be burnt even when connected reversely, but the screen display nothing.
  • Special Design: the voltage mintoring meter is designed with bright LED display, and it is well Made, the strong plastic case prevents it from easily damaged by outer force.
  • Application: It is perfect to monitor the condition of the battery, especially for solar projects, you can use it on your car, trailer, motor, etc. Please don’t use this meter in 24V battery because when the battery is full-charged, its voltage will be about 30V.

Technical Parameters:

  • Dimension: 48×29×22mm
  • Cutting size: 46×27mm
  • Measuring voltage range: DC 3-30V
  • Maximum input: DC 30V (if the input voltage is higher than DC30V, the voltmeter will be burnt)
  • Minimum input: DC 3V (if the input voltage is lower than DC 3V, the value will be inaccurate or not displayed)
  • Measurement accuracy: Less than 10V, accurate to 0.01V; More than 10V, accurate to 0.1V (allowable tolerance: 1% +/- 1 word)
  • Display: 3 digit 0.56” LED digital tube
  • Font Color: Green
  • Refresh rate: about 200mS
  • No need power supply
  • Consuming current: less than 20mA (generally 5-15mA)
  • Operating temperature: -10°c-65°c
  • Wire length: 20cm
  • Reverse connection protection

Additional information

Weight2 lbs