Drok DC Multi-Function Battery Bank Monitor


  • Measuring Parameters: Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Battery Capacity
  • Voltage Range: DC 0-300V
  • Current Range: 200A


The Drok D-BEM DC system meter can be used as a DC amp meter, digital volt meter, power meter, and battery bank capacity monitor. Compatible with many kinds of batteries, including Lead-acid batteries, Lithium Polymer batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries. In the event power is lost, the meter will even save your data so important system performance information won’t be lost.

  • Multifunctional Meter: This multi-function system meter allows you to easily monitor multiple system parameters at a glance. Track percentage of battery capacity remaining, DC current, DC voltage, and more.
  • Voltage measurement range is DC 0-300V, current measurement range is 0-200A.
  • Hall Sensor & Easy Mount: The meter is designed for easy installation in either two or three wire configurations with its Hall Sensor design.
  • Display: Backlit wide-viewing-angle LCD display allows you to read the monitor easily, even in bright sunlight.
  • Alarm: Meter flashes to alert you when voltage or current exceeds preset limits; The alarm function will also alert you when your battery bank charge is low.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs