EL-SID Solar Thermal Pump SID10PV


  • Power directly with a solar panel
  • Circulate water through four 10′ collectors with a 10 watt solar panel
  • Circulate gycol through two 10′ collectors with a 20 watt solar panel
  • 1/2″ male NPT connections
  • 3.3 gpm
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The SID10PV is a 10 watt 12 volt PV (solar module) direct pump capable of circulating up to 3.3 gallons per minute of water. It operates directly from a solar module with an input voltage up to 20 volts. The SID10PV starts to operate at 8 volts with as little power as 1 watt. This pump is designed to be used with a 10 watt module for circulating water and 20 watt module for glycol. It can be wired direct to the module in a solar hot water system eliminating the need for controls. When the sun shines the SID10PV turns on circulating water or glycol through a hot water collector. When the sun goes down the pump turns off. It’s that simple!

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Weight2 lbs