Flojet R4320 25psi V-FLO 5.0gpm Water Pump (12V or 24V)


  • No pressure tank needed, micro-controller regulated
  • Maintains 25psi pressure when water is running
  • Builds up to 35psi reserve pressure when faucet is closed
  • Available in 12V DC and 24V DC models
  • CSA Listed and C.E. Certified


The Flojet Sensor V-FLO 5.0 gpm variable speed sensor-controlled water system pump is available in 12V DC (R4320-143A) or 24V DC (R4320-343A). A solid-state micro-controller regulates flow, according to the Hall-Effect pressure sensor. This revolutionary control design allows the variable speed pump to operate without an accumulator tank or a traditional pressure switch. Ends cycling and water hammer. Self priming and can run dry without damage.

While water is flowing, the R4320 will maintain constant water pressure at its rated sensor pressure (25 psi for the R4320 models), up to 5 gallons per minute water flow. When the outgoing water flow (faucet) is closed, the pump will build up to its rated cut-off pressure (35 psi) before shutting itself off. This allows a ‘reserve’ of water pressure to be maintained for the next time a faucet/water outlet is opened.

Pump Specifications:

  • Flow Rate: 5gpm
  • Pressure Switch: NONE, variable speed
  • Ports: Quad Port
  • Pump Motor Amp Draw: 6A @ 12V; 12A @ 24V
  • Priming: Self-priming to 10′
  • Dimensions: L–9 7/8″ H–4 3/4″ W–6 1/8″
  • Net Weight: 6.3lb (shipping: 7.00lb)

From the manufacturer:

V-FLO is powered by a new variable speed drive that delivers the exact amount of water flow needed to perform a variety of onboard delivery tasks. Since the pump is constantly monitoring water flow and electrical current, it automatically adjusts itself as needed, ensuring that your systems are operating at peak efficiency.

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