Group 4D Commercial Battery Box


  • Rugged durable, heavy wall construction
  • Impervious to acid, gasoline, oil, and solvents
  • Heat stable -30° to +200°F (-34° to +93°C)
  • Flame retardant
  • 3-way cable channels molded into design
  • Large entry ports for heavy duty cable
  • Cover held firmly with convenient thumb screws, no special tools required
  • Cover can be locked for protection and tamper resistance
  • Vent holes in cover allow gases to escape, preventing dangerous hydrogen build up
  • Accommodates a variety of mounting options


Quick Cable ‘Quick Box’ polypropylene 4D battery box. Cover secured by thumb screws. Provides secure installation of your battery, imprevious to acid, gasoline, oil, electrolyte, solvents and extreme cold. Vent holes to prevent gas build up in the box.

Flame retardant, UV stablized (rating 6).

Case temperature range of -30F~+200F.

Meets US Coast Guard regulations 183.420 and ABYCE-10.7

For BCI Group 4D batteries. Will also hold 3 Golf Cart (GC2) batteries.

Outside dimensions: H: 12-3/4in. L: 26-3/4in W: 14in. Outside measurements include the lid and include any protrusions, such as cable outlets.

Inside dimensions: H: 11-1/2in. L: 21-5/8in. W: 9-1/2in.

Actual weight: ~8 pounds (Billable/Dimensional shipping weight may differ.) Battery boxes often run into dimensional weight when shipping, which can cause them to get expensive to ship. Please contact us if you have any questions on shipping or are ordering in quantity.

Typically in stock. Our Alaska locations stock a similar box.


Additional information

Weight8 lbs

Quick Cable