IQ4 Parallel 4-Stage Battery Bank Charge Control


  • 4-stage battery charging control for DLS chargers
  • Works with TWO 12V or 24V Iota DLS chargers in parallel
  • Maintains larger battery banks during long-term storage
  • Automatically adjusts charge setting to battery needs


The IQ4-Parallel ‘smart charger’ controller adds 4-stage charging capability to two IOTA’s DLS battery chargers connected in parallel to a battery bank.

This will cause the two units to activate their charging stage simultaneously. Without the IQ4-Parallel one charger may activate before the other unit. Causing it to not charge properly.

The amperage load will automatically balance between the two chargers, the IQ4-Parallel does not control amperage.

Please see standard IQ-4 for more in depth information on the IQ-4 properties.

Generally the IQ4 is no longer voltage specific and this will work on models from 12-42VDC output.

IMPORTANT: The IQ4-Parallel is NOT compatible with the DLS54-13.

NOTE: Please check with us or IOTA before using these on older IOTA units as they may not be compatible and could damage older models!

2 Year IOTA warranty.

Typically in stock.

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