Luxpower 12K Watt 48V Grid-Compatible Inverter

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The LuxPowerTek LXP-LB-US 12kW indoor/outdoor hybrid solar/battery inverter includes 200A grid passthrough, so there’s no subpanel needed for grid-tie systems. Features and benefits include parallel stacking, grid sell, meter zero, time of use, smart load, AC coupling, and peak shaving.

The LuxPowerTek LXP-LB-US 12kW is an all-in-one system that contains the inverter, charge controller, and more, all in one package; no fuses, breakers, or combiner boxes necessary. Enjoy premium functionality with minimum install cost.

  • 48VDC input, 120/240VAC split-phase output
  • 12,000 watt continuous output
  • 6,000 watt leg imbalance tolerance
  • UL Listed
  • 10 year warranty
  • 200A grid through-put capacity
  • Can operate in either standalone, grid support, or grid sell modes
  • 19 kW of solar MPPT input capacity
  • Compatible with either lead-acid, AGM, or lithium batteries
  • 21.6 kW (90A @240VAC) generator input