LVM117 Amazon 4igpm/24V Submersible Utility Pump

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  • 24V submersible/inline utility pump
  • Transfers 4.8 US gallons per minute at 14psi
  • Gator clips allow quick battery connection
  • Pump sea water, fresh water, or diesel fuel


LVM’s Amazon model 117 is a multi-function 24 volt centrifugal pump. It outputs up to 4 imperial gallons (4.8 US gallons) per minute at 14 psi, as an inline or shallow submersible pump. Flow rate decreases as height to be pumped increases.

The LVM117 can pump sea water, fresh water or diesel fuel. Not for gasoline!

The LVM117 is excellent as a fuel or water transfer pump, a marine bilge pump, or for a domestic holding tank water system. Gator/battery clips on the end of the wires allow quick connections. This is a continuous use rated pump, but should not be run dry for long periods. Should not be left continuously submerged (voids warranty).

NOTE: This pump comes with UK wire coloring – brown = positive, blue = negative.

Made in the UK.


One year from date of purchase limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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