NewEnergy Envirogen 25kW Hydro-kinetic Turbine

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  • 25kW hydro-kinetc (run-of-river) micro hydropower turbine
  • Designed for high-flow/zero-head sites (install directly in a river)
  • Can product up to 25kW with water flow of 3 meters/second
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NewEnergy’s EnviroGen EVG-025 is a mid-sized hydro turbine with output capacities up to 25 kW, depending on application specific conditions. Considerably larger than the 005, these systems are suitable for remote or grid connected configurations including supplementing existing diesel micro-grids or direct grid connections.

The EVG-025 system components fit in a shipping container for easy transportation to site. Size and weight of components necessitates the use of lifting equipment for assembly and placement in the water. The 25 kW systems are suitable for communities and other installations with medium energy requirements, located near a river or canal that can support the depth and volume of water required for the rotor.

  • Maximum Power Output – 25 kW
  • Rotor Width (w) – 3.4 m
  • Rotor Height (h1) – 1.7 m
  • Designed Water Velocity – 3 m/s
  • Generator Output – 3ϕ, 300V
  • Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) – Less than USD $0.20 kWh