NewEnergy Envirogen 5kW Hydro-kinetic Turbine

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  • 5kW hydro-kinetc (run-of-river) micro hydropower turbine
  • Designed for high-flow/zero-head sites (install directly in a river)
  • River must be at least 4ft deep at the install site
  • Call us to find out if a hydro-kinetic turbine is right for you!


NewEnergy’s EnviroGen EVG-005 hydro turbine is ideal for home power, farms, remote sites, and small communities where the requirement for electricity is relatively low. If you live near a river, with water at least 4 feet deep and a flow rate over 1 m/s, an EnviroGen turbine might be perfect for your location.

EnviroGen turbines are designed to be easy to transport, assemble and deploy without the need for cranes or other heavy equipment, making them ideal for remote locations or where equipment access can be difficult. 24 hour a day generation makes these power units suitable to power critical applications such as refrigeration or telecommunications.

  • Maximum Power Output – 5 kW
  • Rotor Width (w) – 1.5 m
  • Rotor Height (h1) – 0.75 m
  • Extended Height (h2) – 1.7 m
  • Designed Water Velocity – 3 m/s
  • Generator Output – 3ϕ, 300V
  • Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) – Less than USD $0.20/kWh