PowerPulse w/Lugs


  • Make your batteries last three times longer
  • Prevents sulfation from reducing battery power
  • Batteries charge faster and more efficiently
  • Use in conjunction with a separate charging system
  • Works with all types of lead-acid batteries: gel cell, VRLA, AGM, flooded lead acid



With escalating battery prices it is becoming more and more important to get the most out of your batteries.

PulseTech’s patented pulse waveform technolgy is proven to reduce and prevent sulfation buildup on lead acid batteries, whether the batteries are in use or in storage. A primary cause of battery failure is the buildup of lead sulfate crystals on the battery plates.

Lead sulfate forms as a result of normal battery function, but over time a residue of sulfate will remain on the battery plates and crystallize. This crystallized sulfate is no longer available in the battery electrolyte, and insulates the active battery plate material from the remaining active electrolyte, leading to the eventual ‘death’ of the battery.

With PulseTech’s PowerPulse units, the battery’s own power is used to create regulated pulses of DC current, which are then fed back through the battery causing sulfate residue to break down and return to the electrolyte solution, boosting battery performance and prolonging functional lifespan. PulseTech pulse conditioners can help recover and maintain batteries and battery banks up to 300AH capacity.

PowerPulse conditioners are available in 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V, and can be used on any lead-acid battery, whether in a vehicle or a home power system. The PowerPulse causes a slight drain on the battery, which would lead to eventual discharge of stored batteries. Works best if used in conjunction with a charger or on a vehicle. For home power systems we recommend one pulser for each parallel set up to 300AH (connect to the opposite corners of each set).

  • Get up to 3 times longer battery life
  • Pays for itself quickly by cutting battery related costs
  • Save up to 30% on energy costs since batteries recharge faster and more efficiently (actual results may vary)
  • Helps batteries charge deeper and maintain greater reserve capacity so you get maximum power
  • Works with all types of lead-acid batteries; including gel cell, VRLA, AGM and flooded lead acid


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0-150vdc, 0-15vdc, 0-25vdc, 0-300vdc, 0–50vdc, 12/24vdc, 120vac, 12vdc, 150vdc, 200vdc, 240vac, 24vdc, 250vdc, 36vdc, 48vdc, 6vdc