PowerSpout PLT (Pelton) Micro-Hydro Turbine

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  • Pelton/Impulse style micro-hydro turbine
  • Designed for high-head, lower flow sites
  • Water flows downhill via a penstock (pipe) to build head pressure
  • Call to see if a Pelton-style turbine is right for your site!


The PowerSpout Pelton turbine is ideally suited to high-head/low flow installation sites. If your site has at least 9 feet, and up to 525 feet, of static head, and at least 0.8gpm water flow, you could be producing up to 1.6kW of your own power with a Pelton turbine. In fact, if you have a site that can generate more power than one turbine, you simply install as many as you need up to the limit of the water flow resource.

  • Static head range: 3 to 160m (10 – 525 feet)
  • Dynamic head range: 3 to 130m (10 – 430 feet)

    Maximum flow/turbine: 8-10 l/s (130 – 160 gpm)

    Minimum flow/turbine: 0.05 l/s (0.8 gpm) at maximum head

    Dimensions: 470 x 400 x 430 mm (18.5 x 15.7 x 17 inches)

    Maximum power: 1200W (Standard) or 1600W (HP)

    Common version available PLT 14/28/40/56/80/170/200/350 (the number refers to the operating voltage Vo, the runaway Voc can be 3 x higher)

    Maximum current rating 32 amp (optional upgrade to 50 amp possible for PLT14 or PLT28 turbines)

PowerSpout’s Pelton (PLT) turbine is a cost effective, robust and reliable product. It is best suited for medium to high head sites that have flow rates <8 l/s. Low head sites with flows <10 l/s may also be well suited for a PLT turbine. A PLT turbine is a low flow turbine so tends to be used on higher head sites typically >20m.

The PLT can work off-grid, on-grid or directly connected to a resistive element. A standard turbine is capable of up to 1200 watts, the high power turbine is capable of up to 1600 watts (special cases up to 2000 watts). Thousands of these turbines are running around the world and they have been proven to be very reliable and cost effective.

The Powerspout PLT is situated at the end of a long pipe that creates the fall. The head of pressure is this fall. At the turbine there are jets which convert the pressure (head energy) to a high velocity jet (kinetic energy). This high velocity jet impacts on a specially shaped Pelton rotor that extracts almost all the energy from the high velocity flow. This Pelton rotor is directly connected to a permanent magnet alternator which produces electricity. The current is rectified within the unit to DC suitable for a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) battery charge controller or a grid-tied inverter (GTI).

Please contact us to discuss the details of your location, and we can work with you to put together the perfect PowerSpout package for your needs.

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  • In Alaska: 1-800-478-7145
  • In the rest of the US: 1-800-235-0689