Primus Air 27′ guyed Tower Hardware Kit


  • All hardware to install a 27′ tower
  • Pipe not included


Designed for the AIR wind generators, Southwest Windpower’s guyed pole tower kits allow you to assemble and install a strong, high-quality wind turbine tower without special equipment or an expensive base support pad. Depending on the wall thickness of the steel pipe used, these towers can withstand wind speeds up to 120mph.

The 27 foot tower kit includes all guy wires and fittings necessary to assemble the tower. No gin pole is necessary to raise the 27TK tower. Steel pipe, guy anchors and turbine mount are NOT included with this kit.

Pipe Pieces Needed (1 7/8in. steel tubing):

  • 24 foot (7.2 meter) length for tower
  • 3 foot (.9 meter) length for tower
  • 6 foot (1.8 meter) length for tower base

Typically in stock in limited quantities at all locations.

1-TWA-10-01, 1TWA1001

Additional information

Weight17 lbs