Primus Wind Power AIR 40


  • Best for low wind speeds
  • Built in charge controller
  • Available in 12, 24, and 48 volt
  • Description

    Formerly made by Southwest Windpower, the AIR 40 is now made in the USA by Primus Windpower in Colorado. The AIR 40 is essentially a land version of the AIR BREEZE. The AIR 40 is engineered to deliver quiet operation in low to moderate wind environments, but the design works on a wide range of wind speeds.

    The AIR 40 is an ideal turbine for hybrid combinations with solar PV. Use it for SCADA, telecom, security, cathodic protection, oil & gas, railroad, lighting systems, coastal applications, off-grid homes, cabins — you name it. NOTE: This model is not typically used in marine environments.


    • High-quality, third-party tested components for reliability and safety.
    • Advanced microprocessor technology for superior performance and high wind protection without mechanical braking.
    • Lightweight design is simple and easy-to-install; integrated power electronics for plug-and-play operation.
    • Microprocessor-based smart control. The turbine is internally regulated and does not require a separate controller.
    • Produces 40 kWh of energy a month* at an average wind speed of 13 mph

    Technical Specifications:

    • Output Voltage: 24V or 48V DC
    • Energy Potential: *Approx. 40 kWh a month at 13 mph (6.0 m/s)
    • Mount: clamps onto 1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe with 1.9 in (48 mm) outer diameter
    • Swept Area: 11.5 ft2 (1.07 m2)
    • Rotor Diameter: 46 in (1.17 m)
    • Actual Weight: 13 lb (5.9 kg) (packaged shipping weight is higher)
    • Startup Wind Speed: 7 mph (3.58 m/s)
    • Wind Speed Operating Range: 7-49 mph (3.6-22 m/s)
    • Optimum Speed Operating Range: 10-49 mph (3.6-22 m/s)
    • Survival Wind Speed: 110 mph (49.2 m/s)
    • Overspeed Protection: Electronic Torque Control
    • Available Voltages: 12, 24 and 48 VDC
    • Alternator: Permanent magnet brushless
    • Body: Cast Aluminum
    • Blades: (3) Injection-molded composite
    • Warranty: Manufacturer’s Limited 5 Year

    Additional information


    12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc



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