Pulsetech 12V Xtreme Charge Auto XC100-P


  • Restores power to weak batteries
  • Recovers dead batteries
  • Extends battery life up to 5Xs with pulse conditioning
  • Charges any 12V lead-acid battery, even gel cell and AGM


PulseTech’s new Xtreme Charge is a five-stage maintenance charger for 12V batteries lead-acid batteries, with a unique battery testing feature. When the battery is first connected, the Xtreme Charge evaluates the state of the battery, with a “Bad Battery” indicator, if the battery cannot be charged, while the continual testing feature that evaluates a good battery throughout the charging process and adjusts charging output for maximum effectiveness depending on battery condition.

The Xtreme Charge can be used for both maintenance and bulk charging, thanks to a proprietary algorithm in the computer control system that measures both voltage and current to determine the correct amount of charge the battery can accept at any given time. A discharged battery will be given a bulk charge up to 2.5A, to restore it to full charge, while a charged battery will be given an appropriate float charge anywhere down to 0.2A to keep it in peak condition.

PulseTech’s patented PULSE technology also reconditions batteries with sulfation buildup on the battery plates, enabling the Xtreme Charge to revitalize even batteries you may have thought were dead. By reducing sulfation buildup on the battery plates, even “tired” batteries can sometimes be restored to reliable operation. With pulse conditioning, life cycles can be extended from three to five times normal for all types of lead-acid batteries!

Includes fuse-protected quick-disconnect battery clamps and lugs, Important Safety Instructions and Quick-Start Guide. Fuse-protected, spark-proof unit is UL and CE certified. Five-year manufacturers warranty. Maintains a safe charge profile for traditional batteries including flooded, fill and charge and gel.

XC100-P, XC100P, XC-100-P, 100×010

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Weight2.5 lbs




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