PulseTech SC-6 Xtreme6 Suitcase Pulse Charger


  • Desulfate, charge, maintain up to six 12 Volt batteries
  • Works on all types of 12V VRLA, AGM, flooded and gel lead-acid batteries
  • Patented Pulse Technology removes sulfate crystals and extends battery life
  • Works anywhere in the world with detachable IEC connector
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty


Recover and Condition up to Six Batteries at a Time

The SC-6 HD Recovery Charger allows you to ‘revive’ and charge up to six 12V lead acid batteries simultaneously. Each charging station operates independently of the others, allowing you to charge any combination of lead acid battery types (VRLA, AGM, flooded and gel cell) at the same time. The SC-6 features a compact, portable ‘suitcase’ configuration, allowing you to carry it easily to wherever your batteries are stored.

Each independent charging channel profiles the condition of the connected battery, and automatically runs through the individual recovery and charge cycle needed. PulseTech’s patented pulse technology removes sulfate crystal buildup from the battery plates, restoring them to peak condition, and extending the life of your batteries up to 5 times.

Ease of use is one of PulseTech’s hallmarks. The SC-6 gives you one-switch control over the recovery/charging process, with 5 LED indicators per each channel, showing the battery’s condition at a glance (battery disconnected, bad battery, recovery charge, pulse charge, charge complete). There is no danger of overheating or overcharging, no matter how long the batteries stay connected to the unit, so you don’t need to constantly monitor them.

The flexible, replaceable cables fit in the case for easy storage and are easy to disconnect and safely move to the next battery since no current flows through the cable until connected to the battery.

More About Pulse Charging Technology:
To understand how pulse conditioning works, you need to know that batteries ‘wear out’ because the electrolyte inside them slowly crystallizes over time, building up lead sulfite deposits on the battery plates. These deposits effectively insulate the battery plates, making it harder and harder for the battery to create electrical current. Eventually, the battery will not hold enough of a charge to function properly. This photo shows the results of a 4-year test conducted by PulseTech, showing how pulse charging technology helps prevent this damaging buildup. After 4 years of every-other day charging/discharging, the PulseTech charged battery plates still look almost new.

PulseTech pulse charging test

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Weight37 lbs