Quick® Right Elbow Battery Connector


  • Made of cast copper alloy, tin plated for added conductivity & corrosion resistance
  • 25 times better than SAE conductivity standard, J1811
  • Permanent, indelible, readable gauge, and polarity stamped on clamp
  • Quick Connectors are listed by UL® (UL® STD 486A) & CUL , when applied with Quick Cable Quick Crimp tools 4255, 4255M, 4255R & 4255MR (standard and ratchet versions)
  • Fasteners included


Elbow connectors make it easier to work in some installations where space is at a premium. We make them in positive and negative sizes from 6 gauge to 250MCM so you can get the right connector for your application.

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1/0ga, 10ga, 12ga, 1ga, 2/0ga, 2ga, 3/0ga, 4/0ga, 4ga, 6ga, 8ga, MCM250


1M, 2F, 1M, 3F, 2M, 1F, 3M, 1F, Left, Negative, Positive, Right, Universal


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