RediPulse Station w/12 Cables


  • Maintain and condition up to 12 batteries at a time
  • Red/Yellow/Green LED charge indicators
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Low amperage and ‘smart’ charging technology means there is no gassing
  • 2-year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty



Keep Up To 12 New Batteries Fresh & Ready to Use All The Time

If you sell, stock or service lead-acid batteries, you need the PulseTech PRO-12 Charge/Maintenance System! It is designed to keep new batteries factory-fresh while they rest on the shelf waiting to be installed or sold.

PulseTech’s patented pulse waveform technolgy is proven to reduce and prevent sulfation buildup on lead acid batteries, whether the batteries are in use or in storage. A primary cause of battery failure is the buildup of lead sulfate crystals on the battery plates.

Lead sulfate forms as a result of normal battery function, but over time a residue of sulfate will remain on the battery plates and crystallize. This crystallized sulfate is no longer available in the battery electrolyte, and insulates the active battery plate material from the remaining active electrolyte, leading to the eventual ‘death’ of the battery.

The PRO-12 uses the scientifically-proven ReNew-IT Pulse Technology to keep these deposits off the plates. By removing these energy-dampening deposits, your batteries are stronger than ever. This means your shelf-life warranty issues and other battery-related expenses are reduced dramatically.

  • Maintains and improves up to twelve 12-volt batteries in new condition
  • UL approved, no personal use hazards
  • Audible signal indicates reverse connection
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Spark-Proof, there is no power output at the battery connection leads unless the PRO-12 senses a battery is connected
  • Low amperage and ‘smart’ charging technology means there is no gassing
  • Three color indicators give condition of each battery- ( 1 three colored LED per battery): Green = good, Yellow = charging, Red = low
  • Charging indicator verifies indicated battery is being charged, and a battery condition indicator is updated every two seconds
  • Special PRO-12 indicator is illuminated when batteries are being pulse conditioned
  • Cables and Steel-Nickel plated battery clips are provided in sets of three and are removable and replaceable if damaged
  • UL class 2 power supply designed for universal input will adapt to AC power anywhere (comes with standard USA 110V plug)
  • On-off switch mounted in rear of unit discourages tampering. Press and hold on-off switch button to activate
  • Batteries must be at greater than 8 volts for PRO-12 to activate
  • Will maintain 6 volt batteries if two are connected in series
  • Warranty: 2-year limited manufacturers warranty

746×912, PRO12

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Weight2 lbs