Rutland Pole Mount Adapter


  • Adapts Rutland turbine to 1.5″ schedual 40 or 80 pipe
  • For Rutland FM910-4 and WG914
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    “Do it Yourself” adapters for pole mounting the Marlec Rutland 900-series wind turbines (the FM910-3, FM910-4, WG913 & WG914i). Recommend contacting our system designers at our Fairbanks, AK store if you need assistance engineering a pole mount system.

    This adapter has been machined and modified from another manufacturer, allowing you to mount your Marlec Rutland 900-series turbine on top of 1.5 inch schedule 40 or 80 pipe. Without this adapter it can be difficult to mount to US sizes of pipe.
    Will require drilling a hole through the adapter and pole to secure with a bolt onto the pole pipe. No hardware is included.

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    Weight4 lbs